Iemanjá and Empress Ceremonial Set in Labradorite, Black Diamond, and Sterling

Labradorite_Iemanja_Black_DIamond_Empress_2x3_2014-01-19 21.54.23_tonemapped.jpg
Labradorite_Iemanja_Black_DIamond_Empress_2x3_2014-01-19 21.53.41_tonemapped.jpg
Labradorite_Iemanja_Black_DIamond_Empress_2x3_2014-01-19 21.54.23_tonemapped.jpg
Labradorite_Iemanja_Black_DIamond_Empress_2x3_2014-01-19 21.53.41_tonemapped.jpg

Iemanjá and Empress Ceremonial Set in Labradorite, Black Diamond, and Sterling



STONES: 9mm and 7mm Round Brilliant Cut Labradorite, 2mm Black Diamonds
METAL: Sterling Silver
SIZE: Made to order in your specified size {one sample is available in a size 6.5}
FINISH: Classic Mirror Polish, Hammered Texture, or Brushed 



STONES: Labradorite originate in Labrador, Canada, in small mine deposits. Considered environmentally and socially responsible for the small scale mining processes, and unlike many stones, no child or slave labour is employed in its mining or cutting. 
METAL: North American sourced sterling silver. Please contact us for information regarding recycled or FairTrade gold options.



Please see the Frequently Asked Questions and Policies here, before ordering:

An ode to the sea, the moon, and the mermaids. 

Iemanjá {pronounced yeh-man-JAH, or Yemayá}, Queen of  the Oceans. Iemanja is an expression of Mother Nature personified. She is synchronized by Stella Maris, or the Virgin Mary, Star of the Sea. Blue and white represent the sea, fertility, motherhood, grace, hope, and guidance. Iemanjá's 3 ct. and 1.5 ct. labradorite are timeless and modern. The total carat weight is 6 ctw. Perfect in their imperfections, these stones were chosen for their harmonic colour and character. The band design is a subtle reference to waves, and a seahorse motif graces the setting gallery, featuring thick golden prongs designed to never snag, and last several lifetimes. 

The Black Diamond Empress is a sumptuous high contrast alignment of 7 South Sea seed pearls custom set into an arcing chevron design, built to snug perfectly up against Flying Fox's Artemis, or paired with nearly any of our rings. Elegance itself. The versatility in this design is that it can be set with any cut of stone, provided the stones are 2mm round cuts. Diamonds, pearls, and cabochon cut turquoise are just 3 examples. Reverse set diamond cuts, rose cuts, and polki cut diamonds are also possible. 

Iemanjá's weight in silver in size 6.5 is approximately 7 grams, (and Empress' is 5 grams). Please contact us for alternate sizes, as there may be additional costs associated with labour and material costs. This ring is also available in a variety of other stones and metals, upon request.

Penelope creates these perfect rings just for you, and requires 3 - 4 weeks turnaround time. These stones are all ethically sourced, and custom cut for us specifically. The metals are all from North America, exclusively. These rings are not mass produced. They are made to order, one at a time. We believe in slow process, and methodically produced jewellery, with exquisite attention to detail. Penelope is regarded as an industry leader in working with moonstones. She carefully selects each stone based on quality of cut, and with an eye for composition and character as it relates to the entire piece. Rest assured, you are truly in good hands with our dear Penelope. 

SHIPPING: Via Canada Post with 2 - 3 day delivery standards, insurance, tracking, and signature within North America. With tracking and Insurance only worldwide. 

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