Atlantides Labradorite, Pleiades, and Hekate Empress Moonstone

Labradorite_Atlantides_Hekate_Empress_2015-04-16 01.48.57.jpg
Labradorite_Atlantides_Hekate_Empress_Pleiades_2015-04-16 01.48.57.jpg
Labradorite_Atlantides_Hekate_Empress_Pleiades_2015-04-16 01.49.12.jpg
Labradorite_Atlantides_Hekate_Empress_2015-04-16 01.48.57.jpg
Labradorite_Atlantides_Hekate_Empress_Pleiades_2015-04-16 01.48.57.jpg
Labradorite_Atlantides_Hekate_Empress_Pleiades_2015-04-16 01.49.12.jpg

Atlantides Labradorite, Pleiades, and Hekate Empress Moonstone

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STONES: 7mm Labradorite, 2mm moonstones, with a London blue topaz centre stone. Please contact us directly for stone variations. Our prices are interchangeable for labradorite, moonstone, topaz, apatite, quartz, amethyst, spinel, rose quartz, seed pearl, and peridot. Additional charges will apply to rubies, emerald, sapphire, diamonds, and Moissanite. 
METAL: 14k Yellow, White, or Rose Gold
SIZE: Made to order in your specified size
FINISH: Classic Mirror Polish over engraved details, as shown. 

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The Artemis: Flying Fox's classic solitaire, designed to pair seamlessly with the Knot and Ribbon Ring in 14k white, yellow, or rose gold. These rings are always exquisite, and perfectly executed with a comfortable smooth rounded band interior, and custom set prongs. Penelope's stones are always gorgeous and filled with fire. Please see our Instagram account for more information:

Let us know if a different stone is required! 

The Pleiades Poesy Band: 

Vancouver based hand engraver Su Foster lent her steady, talented hand to a modern interpretation of a very famous poesy ring from the 19th Century into a fabulous, magical, stunning ring full of stars, moons, waves, and script.  The stars and moons or waves are engraved in a classic beveled style, and the hand written script reads "Many are the stars I see, but in my eye no star like thee.". 

This ring focuses on themes that we adore; love, honour, respect, regard, esteem, unwavering focus, perceiving the beauty right in front of one. Poesy rings were traditionally made in gold {ask us for details!} and given as token of love and affection between lovers, or between friends, to express regard and esteem. We're 100% behind this gesture. 

It's sweet and powerful, with a little bit of a Wonder Woman vibe, and named for Pleiades, the Seven Sisters Constellation, by one of our lovely Flying Fox Lovers. Nearly every ancient society in the Northern Hemisphere has a mythology to honour the Pleiades for guiding us into navigable waters. Some of Mankind's oldest jewelry is dedicated to the Seven Sisters. 

A gracious, elegant and versatile carved band, with crescent wave details on the top and bottom, created to pair with Flying Fox's solitaire rings {photo 5, Artemis Solitaire Ring not included in this listing!} and triple stone rings, to stack, or wear on its own. We've been experimenting with this beauty, and have discovered that this band fits with so many other rings in our collections that weren't developed by Flying Fox. It's a Universal fashion tool... a Swiss Army ring, if you will. 

The Hekate Empress: 

Lucky 7 moonstones and topaz, custom set into an arcing chevron design, custom built to snug perfectly up against the Artemis. Elegance itself.  Moonstones traditionally symbolize love, fertility, and connection to the moon and the seas. Shown with our Hera Pear Cluster Ring. 

A video vignette of this piece is available here: We lovingly insist that you please see our extensive Instagram photo and video archives for thousands of real life examples of our moonstones before purchasing this listing; Stock photos used in our listings are commonly representative of one type of stone in various lighting situations. 


Moonstones require cleaning with a pearl cleaner, commonly purchased at any jewelry store counter. Absolutely no silver cleaner for stones, especially pearls and moonstone! Treating pearls/moonstone with a liver of sulphur to darken the metal will yield yellowed, cracking stones. 

Our ethical gold is strongly recommended for strength and longevity if you've got hard working hands. It's easy to clean with a soak in pearl cleaner, and a gentle q-tip  cleaning for the in-between and hard to reach parts. A yellow and red jewelry polishing cloth should be sufficient to shine the surface once a week or two. ✨Please be sure to maintain your prongs and invest in a professional polish once a year ✨. This is true for all rings. A professional jeweler in your area can take care of this for you!