The Flying Fox Art and Design — Your jeweler


Penelope is an artist. A dancer. Accidentally. By birth. 


She's a designer, intentionally. And through logic and intuition, she weaves nature’s elements to create art. Art that is as much yours as it is hers. Still, she is not alone in the process. She relies on a team of designers, goldsmiths, casters and setters to make every piece, unique.


The veil between worlds isn’t always there for her. Rather she draws on water, animal instincts—Penelope lives on movement and cuts through uncertainty and fear—and in the end, sees your jewelry fully formed. She dreams your designs, and crafts them from her mind’s eye. From her to you.


Some say the fox is a magical creature. A shapeshifter that takes on new forms. Penelope's art is no different. She forages the globe for stones that tell a story, one of wonder, beauty and fairness to its land and those who walk it, and transform it.


Penelope is an artist. And jewelry is her outlet.


Let The Flying Fox Art and Design tell your story.