Welcome to The Flying Fox Art and Design. We are pleased to make your acquaintance and hope that you feel free to look around and ask questions if you are unsure about our products or services. 


Regarding Refunds, Returns & Exchanges. *We do not offer refunds on custom pieces or customized pieces, i.e. any piece that you have chosen a size or finish for. Exchanges, or partial exchanges are available for these pieces.* Anything that is listed Ready to Ship, is sold as is. These Ready to Ship items can be exchanged or refunded. However, *once you order a custom size or finish, etc. then these Ready to Ship items are now considered to be Customized*. 

A Custom Order is one that does not exist as a listing on our shop and is a piece that is required to be created from scratch, based on a customer's specific design. For more information, please refer to the Refund Policy below. 

There is specific protocol in place for any and all refunds, returns & exchanges. This is put into place specifically to protect not only ourselves, but more importantly the patrons. There are extra fees that can be incurred if the protocol is not followed properly, such as, but not limited to, extra custom fees, duties, taxes, etc. The Flying Fox does not take responsibility for these extraneous fees due to customer error. Please be aware of all these policies before purchasing.


The Flying Fox offers a mixture of original art and design in several mediums. We are pleased to present several jewelry lines in metal only, precious stones, semi precious stones and custom wax work and fabrication. Original designs are primarily based on patterns present in nature; insects, birds and other animals, trees, plants and forms of water. 

Original designs are conceived and executed by Penelope Bridge, naturphile and student of figurative art, illustration, design and natural resources. Penelope's designs are proprietary, and protected under International Copyright Law. Please do not ask Flying Fox to interpret the work of another living jewelry artist. Penelope asks that clients and designers alike refrain from "interpreting" her work in kind. Penelope adheres to Natural Law, and as such is entirely of the school of thought that stealing the work of a living artist invites very real consequences that carry over to our next lifetimes. 


Payment Policy


Payment is required immediately after purchase. We reserve the right to refuse service, and the right to cancel orders that remain unpaid. We extend the right of cancellation to our clients if they choose, however we only offer full refunds for items in our shop that are advertised Ready to Ship. 

We will inform our patrons of the costs incurred for cancelled items, and will make deductions accordingly. These costs may include, but are not limited to; labour, materials, design services, employee and designer costs, such as time spent in communications, setting fees and travel time to and from supplier locations.

British Columbia Sales Tax (PST or is it HST...?) and Canadian Sales Tax (GST) are required of BC and Canadian residents respectively. Etsy does not automatically collect those taxes, so we will need to set custom listings up for our compatriots, or in the alternative, request tax payments via PayPal. Thank you for your understanding! 

We are available to answer any questions you may have regarding payments, cancellation, returns and refunds. 


Shipping Policies


We need your telephone number for shipping! This info is for the expediting of delivery, and will never be imparted to a third party.

Your fine jewelry will arrive in a Cartier style box, accompanied by a gift receipt. The accurate value and nature of the package contents will be automatically generated on the postage by our system, and will be reflected in the article's declared value.  This is the law, and there are no exceptions. *For gifts, it is possible in certain circumstances for us to be a wee bit sneaky with the declaration description and claim "art sculpture" instead of "Articles of Jewelry".

Delivery of jewelry pieces is via Canada Post. Your purchase will determine the shipping method (see below, "Shop Shipping Fees Demystified") and will be outlined in your Paypal Shipping receipt, along with your Tracking Number. All items are insured and can be upgraded upon request. Dispatch of finished pieces is between 1 and 3 business days after payment completion. **Dispatch of custom pieces can vary and can range from 3 days to 12 weeks, so please be sure to ask for a quote before purchasing.** Please note that custom pieces are as individual as the people who request them. We do our best to meet your deadlines, while maintaining our high standards of quality and service. 

We offer Overnight Courier service for approximately $100.00 within North America. Please note that all postage costs advertised on our site are at cost +/- $5.00. We do not offer refunds on postage that we have paid on behalf of our clients, with the exception of mistakes that we have made in construction or shipping of your pieces. WE SHIP TO YOUR EXACT ENTERED ADDRESS, and do our very best to double check all orders. Please ensure that your shipping address within your Etsy and Paypal account {if you have chosen this method of payment} is correct and up to date. Telephone numbers are required by Canada Post for all 

**Canada/US Customs and International Customs Services have the right to hold items for review.** If you wish to ensure a speedy passage through International Customs, please provide your phone number along with your purchase. Please contact us if you have concerns or questions. Clients are responsible for any taxes and Customs fees. 

Shop Shipping Fees to USA Demystified; 

~ $17.00 postage fees are for orders shipping Tracked Packet, which tracks, and is not insured, with no signature. Delivery standards are approximately 10 - 14 business days {there is no delivery on weekends within Canada}
~ $21.00 postage fees ship Expedited Parcel, with tracking and insurance, yet no signature. Delivery standards are approximately 4 - 7 business days. 
~ $37.00 postage fees ship via Express Mail Service {EMS}, with tracking, insurance, and signature.

Shipping Worldwide

Unfortunately the shipping fees with tracking and signature through Canada Post are astronomical. Your packages will all ship with tracking, insurance and signature, and are averaged at the price of $68.00, which has been bang on so far. Please contact us if you wish to arrange a lesser shipping fee. We caution against this option, as we are unable to accept any measure of liability for losses or thefts in this circumstance.

Canada Post Delivery Standards for Canadian patrons; http://www.canadapost.ca/tools/pg/manual/pgservstds-e.asp#1757251. Your Paypal postage notification will specify the delivery product we have chosen for your package. 

Canada Post Delivery Standards for US and Overseas patrons; http://www.canadapost.ca/tools/pg/manual/pgservstds-e.asp#1910183. Your Paypal postage notification will specify the delivery product we have chosen for your package. 




The Flying Fox extends the right of cancellation to our clients if they choose, however we are no longer able to offer refunds on customized, altered or custom pieces, or payment instalments. Our work is more than a piece, an artifact, or design; these works are miniature, individual pieces of art, loved, and composed much the same way a painting would be. We custom design jewelry specifically for you, created to be worn and loved by you, and by generations after your own. If you are not in love with your Flying Fox miniature work of art, please do contact us and let us know! We want you to know that we are absolutely smitten by our lovely clients, and will work above and beyond the call of duty to make you happy. If we are experiencing a high volume of conversations, we may not be in touch for a few days. 

For partial refunds: We will inform our patrons of any costs incurred for cancelled items, before they have shipped and will make deductions accordingly. These costs may include, but are not limited to; materials, design services, employee and designer costs, such as time spent in communications, setting fees per stone and travel time to and from supplier locations.

Full refunds are accepted for ready to ship pieces that have not been worn only, not including the cost of shipping. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, or if your item has arrived damaged, please notify The Flying Fox within 7 days after delivery, ship your piece(s) back in new condition, and we will refund your purchase price. It is important that your items arrive safely, therefore, we require that it ship return well packaged via USPS; tracking and signature is essential. We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles that have been shipped without tracking and signature, or for brokerage costs incurred by shipment through UPS, DHL, or FedEx, which are usually approximately $65.00 CAD. 

More on Repairs: Please contact us immediately if your item is in need of repair. Any time. Really, write us any time, and please remember if you must call, to make an appointment first, and to call between 0900 hrs and 1600 hrs Pacific Standard Time. We repair and reset stones free of charge up to one month after receipt of your piece, or on a case to case basis. {We have never turned a lovely client away, and not as yet charged for repairs on our stones!} Sizing and shipping are not free of charge, with the exception of one free sizing within a year of purchase for gold, which has already been calculated into the cost of the piece. 

We guarantee our work and are always happy to repair our pieces, if we have made a mistake in size, finish, colour, etc.  *{We are happy to do our best to assist if your piece is in need of repair and falls outside of those parameters. We may not be able to help, but may be able to help locate a jeweller in your area who can. We have repaired pieces that range from minor to major - one ring having been lost in a gas station parking lot for years, run over by cars and trucks daily.}*

Shipping losses and delays do occur at times, which is why we ship via Canada Post with tracking.  If there is a non-delivery of a confirmed shipment we would be glad to assist you in following through with an insurance claim and/or resending your order if possible. Overseas patrons, we apologize for shipping prices. If you are interested in a lower shipping fee, please note that we strongly recommend that our clients purchase tracking, and are not able to furnish refunds for shipments sent via standard mail.

Please send Returns, Exchanges or Repairs to;

The Flying Fox Art and Design
℅ P. Bridge
312 Jardine St. 
New Westminster, BC
V3M 5M5

***PLEASE NOTE: Repairs can take anywhere from 6 - 12 weeks to complete upon receiving the piece to be repaired, not including shipping***

Important Details Regarding Returns, et. all.; 

For items being returned for repairs/exchanges/returns, please be sure to mark the package as "returning for repair" or "returning for repair under warranty". If you do not, your package will be subject to additional customs fees for which we are not responsible.

US residents, please return via USPS with tracking and signature. Please do not send via DHL or UPS, as these services charge $65.00 to broker their own packages across the International Border. International shipping standards and laws are changing constantly; please let us know if you have incurred any brokerage fees in receiving our packages. 

We do not offer returns for Paper Clip Chandelier Tutorials. If you are not satisfied with the calibre of the work please do contact us and we will be happy to work towards a solution.